Meet Tobi

I write about living.
Sure, this means I write about love, and laughter, and joy, and surprise.
And sure, this means I write about pain, and suffering, and loneliness, and fear.

I write about living.
As a wife, a mom, a teacher, a friend, an Air Force spouse, a daughter, and a writer.

* through *
* in *
* on *
* because of *

I have been married to the love of my life since August 12, 1989.  
We have four beautiful kids. Two having launched, two more drawn close to our hearts, straining arrows against the bowstrings.

I write about living.  A living God who first approached me when I was a little girl, swinging on a swingset.   There He taught me music and we made up songs and I can still feel the warmth of the Texas summer sun on my skin and the bubbly joy of knowing my best friend, though invisible, was real.

I write about living.  It will be real here.  I hope you will laugh with me.  I know you will cry with me.  I'm honored you are doing a bit of "living" with me.

Oh, and here we call each other by our given names ... Favored One.  Together we'll remind each other to live into that name.

Love you!


  1. I love your beautiful place here Tobi...and especially the verse you chose-- Psalm 90:17

  2. Great to "meet" you here Tobi. Found your space from the Allume link-up. Look forward to meeting you IRL in a month!


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