Favor Speaks


I read many blogs with different voices and themes.  Here are some of my favorites, in random order.  

You might find a great idea for homeschool 36-wk organization.  

Or walk through crunchy snow with tingling cold skin, breathing in the cold air and the quiet meditation across the photo-spread screen, reminding you grace alone allows you to experience the moment.  

You're likely to wade a bit deeper into the heart of a family who rescues and claims children from despair and calls them their own until a system moves them on to the next chapter.  You'll feel the joy and the cold wetness wading in with them will bring.  

You'll meet a sweet couple in love.  Theirs is a love big enough to carry through life a husband's body that cannot carry itself, and a love vulnerable enough to share their journey so others may be encouraged.  

Love circles around always to a close.  I'm sure I'll be adding to the list.  

Listening to Favor Speak...

Ann Voskamp 
His Song To Me
Live Called
His Pen On My Heart
New Life Steward
Considerate Neighbor
Love Like This
Deeper Story
Cherub Mamma 

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