Monday, October 10, 2011

Love's Calling

And gently, by a thousand things
Which o'er our spirits pass,
Like breezes o'er the harp's fine strings,
Or vapors o'er a glass,
Leaving their token strange and new
Of music or of shade,

The summons to the right and true
And merciful is made.
Oh, then, if gleams of truth and light
Flash o'er thy waiting mind,
Unfolding to thy mental sight
The wants of human-kind; 

If, brooding over human grief,
The earnest wish is known
To soothe and gladden with relief
An anguish not thine own;

Though heralded with naught of fear,
Or outward sign or show;

Though only to the inward ear
It whispers soft and low;
Though dropping, as the manna fell
Unseen, yet from above,

Noiseless as dew-fall, heed it well, 
Thy Father's call of love!

FROM "The Call of the Christian"
(American, 1807-1892)

Wherever you are today, Favored One, may you hear the whispers of our Father's love.
I have loved you with an everlasting love;
I have drawn you with loving-kindness.  Jeremiah 31:3

(Still counting with gratitude...)
#473 ~ cloudy, quiet days
#474 ~ woods to walk in
#475 ~ wind in the turning leaves, spied through the 3rd floor window
#476 ~ love, that outlasts dislike, and weathers storms
#477 ~ hope, always hope, for living into and receiving this kind of love
#478 ~ a marriage that asks of us both a surrendering, a proving ground for living and loving well
#479 ~ fire in the fireplace, soup on the stove, and a promise of all but one gathered around the table tonight
#480 ~ the call to worship


  1. Beautiful list! And photos! :) Love and hope found their way onto my list today too. And soup on the stove is one of the best things about fall!

  2. I'm finding I can't go out for a walk without my camera lately...and forget walking for exercise. I'm heading out the door each time for worship. We only have until next summer here in Germany, and I'm enjoying the stillness and beauty. Hope you enjoyed your soup! : )


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