Thursday, December 8, 2011


I love this picture partly because I have the exact same face and expression in another photo taken when I was two.  I guess it reminds me that no matter what, there is a well-spring of joy inside that wears a certain face, certain smile, and belongs only to the design of God.  I'm glad that flame of joy burns brightly!

I just figured out how to put music on my blog!!  It's almost like Christmas here!  Do you know how many times I've tried to figure that out?

My computer class in high school was a programming class..on a Texas Instruments Apple.  "Yeah," my son just snickered, "when it's logo was still a rainbow"  Little does that smarty know it was before the time of Mac, or at least long before I heard of one.  Back when computers needed little floppy disks, used programs like Wordstar and DBase and looked like this:
I digress.

So, I've tried several times in the past to figure many blogging things out and have quit - because truthfully, I don't have the time.  I'm hoping we end up back in Washington D.C. for many reasons.  And one that's on my radar and I hope, hope, hope to attend is this:

The Relevant Conference PA 2012
Harrisburg, PA

Thursday, October 25, 2012 at 4:00 PM - Saturday, October 27, 2012 at 9:00 PM (ET)

Our goal at Relevant is to minister to the woman, the blogger, the story teller. We want to love you well, encourage you, and spur you on; we desire to see your soul refreshed among kindred spirits.
Relevant is the proverbial comfy chair in which we meet, tell, listen, and love deeply for a weekend as our souls are refreshed and our mission renewed.

I could use a comfy chair and some soul refreshing!

I hope you enjoy the music!  And if not, I hope you can find your way to the bottom and the pause button because I have no idea how to put a pause at the top yet!  But I'm learning.  The music is David Nevue's.  I know, I know.  If you read then you hear it all the time.  But I love his music.  I've been listening to him since the beginning of being mentored by Ann.  I listen in the classroom ~ on the road ~ during worship, which is saying something for me because I need it to be completely silent to think.

I love sharing the journey with you, Favored One!  Always happy when music is added to life!

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  1. Hey! your a girl! :-) And the handsome man below the first post is your man. And I do recognize the music, because I read Ann all the time. Ann's words changed the way I write, Ann's words are why I write in this community instead of some "blah blah" theological blog type thing. Anyway – that computer – I had a friend who had that computer – it was a MACHINE. I think I remember playing Apple Panic on it – and Olympics – and writing – because it was a much more cool computer than I had at the time. Tobi, I'm grateful you found my little corner of the web, and I look forward to reading you more. Merry Christmas, and God bless you.


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