Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Did You Know We Have More Kids?

Nothing says I've completely moved in to a new home like the decorated refrigerator.  Since it is one of the few appliances that is used throughout the day I tend to put things on it that bring a smile to my face.  How about you?  Is your refrigerator clean and crisp, or plastered with life all over it?

On one side I have photos of family and friends, 
which by-the-way, I need more recent shots and more photos of friends. (hint, hint)  
Shopping lists and upcoming wedding invitations, just reminders that life is so full.
On the other side I have our magnet collection,
 a little token of each place we've visited.  
If only I had thought of this tradition 23 years and 17 moves ago! 
 I can only imagine the number of magnets I could fill this space with!
The front of my refrigerator?
It is filled with faces I love and want my gaze to linger on long.  
Names I whisper in my heart and out-loud, 
hoping my voice will carry across the miles 
to rest on them with an "I love you."
These are my kids and this is sacred space.
Who knew an electric storehouse,
filled with the abundance of the harvest 
could remind me throughout the day that so many are starving?
These are my kids.  

I am blogging with Compassion International this month, partnering with them to help release children from poverty by raising awareness through Favored One.

Today I want to share our kids' faces.  Let you glimpse the mischief in their eyes or the shyness behind their smile.  

Tomorrow I will share their stories and remain in hope that my prayers add good chapters to their lives.

Meet Marcel.  
He lives in The Democratic Republic of Congo, 
and I can't help but smile every time I look at the feet he will grow into.
Meet Plamedi
 She draws pictures that could fit on a postage stamp.  
It reminds me every time that she has learned better than I the lesson on savoring resources.  
She lives in the DRC as well.
Meet Cristhofer.  
He and the rest of our kids live in the same village in Guatemala.  
Our boys noticed quickly there were several boys to adopt
 and we decided we needed them all in our family.
Meet Jorge.  
Couldn't you just whisk him up and spin him around?
Meet Willy.  
He's not as shy as he looks, but he does think on big people things a lot.  
Meet Moises.  
He is quiet, or at least his photos say so.  
We hope to get to know him in person some day soon, 
so I let you know if my guess was right.
Meet Mario.  
I haven't heard it yet, 
but I just know this little man knows how to give a good belly laugh.

I've been careful to frame God's command beside their faces,
in case I am tempted to forget the awesome responsibility I have been given.
And beside His command I have placed my humbling stone,
words roughly printed in my child's hand,
the message he chose to send to his family abroad~
Therefore, whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.  
Matthew 18:4

A son of abject poverty, in a war-torn, Aids-devasted land ~ he prays for me.  

What an aroma that must be to the God on high,
my name lifted up from Marcel's lips.
Today, as you think on just how good life is, might you pray about welcoming another child into your heart? 

You can pray for him.

You can send him to school.
You can tell him he is beautiful.

Yes, you can, Favored One.  Just reach out and touch Compassion. You'll be so glad you did.  And would you please consider sharing this post with others?  Facebook it!  Tweet it!  Send it through email!  Let's release more children from poverty together!

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  1. Beautiful! (And my kiddos love Life Is Good anything:)

    1. Thanks, Mandy! I actually made my own "God is Good" button for the frig for awhile. But the "good girl" in me struggled with copyright infringement. : )

  2. Love it! We have kids too - through Otino Waa in Uganda. Yay!!!! How are you settling in?

    1. I'll have to check Otino Waa out...interested to see their mission. Finally! Finally! Finally - the settling in is done! All the pictures are on the wall, school has started, and the final piece is finding a piano teacher for the boys. Happy to be back to "normal." Thanks for asking.

  3. Thanks for this reminder to care for the orphans. We "adopted" Felista when our oldest son turned 16...that was 8 yrs ago...she has grown into a graceful young lady...your post reminded me to send her birhday wishes...

    1. Wow, that must be a beautiful journey, eight years with Felista. I've struggled with the most important piece, getting timely letters to the kids. I'm hoping with CI and WV adding online letter features I will be more consistent. Thanks for stopping by.


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