Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Pin It against Poverty?

Hello Favored One!

Do you pin?  If you don't know what I mean by that then take a moment and create a Pinterest account.  I'll wait.  Seriously, go on and I'll see you in a minute.  And, you're welcome.  Pinterest is a lot of fun!

This week Compassion International is having a My Sponsored Child Pinterest Contest.  It's as simple as creating a board for your sponsored child, pinning photos or letters, and anything else you want that is relevant to your sponsored child of Compassion.  But for specific details I have one more link for you (phew!) Just click here!

The Pinterest contest is a fun, creative way for you to share your heart for children in poverty and bless little ones in need.  

You'll find me there.  And you can meet my kids on my board.  Leave me a comment so I can meet your kids as well! Pin away, Favored One!

    pinterest contest


  1. I'm still getting the hang of Pinterest but you can check out my boards at www.pinterest.com/bftb

    Nice seeing you during the Twitter party last night!

  2. Pinterest? You and me both! I'll check out your boards the next time I'm on. It was nice to meet you as well!


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