Saturday, September 29, 2012

Where to Rest This Weekend

Dear Favored One,

October has not dawned yet and I am weary from coloring in my calendar.  There are so many bright colors, like family visits and a year-long anticipated gathering at Allume.  But I am just a girl, even more so as the years slip by, who needs margin in my life.  And there is not much white space in October.  

Where to find rest when there is little white space?  My soul has been singing this melody through all my moments for about a week now.  It is a lovely song to rest in.  For your weekend and just for your colored-in or white spaces, Favored One, Bless the Lord.

Dear Father,
Take this day's life into Your own keeping.
Control all my thoughts and feelings.
Direct all my energies.
Instruct my mind.
Sustain my will.

Take my hands and
make them skillful to serve You.
Take my feet and
make them swift to do Your bidding.
Take my eyes and
keep them fixed upon Your everlasting beauty.
Take my mouth and
make it eloquent in testimony to Your love.

Make this day a day of obedience,
a day of spiritual joy and peace.
Make this day's work
a little part of the work of the Kingdom
of my Lord Jesus Christ,
in whose name these my prayers are said.

John Baillie

Blessings this weekend, Favored One.  You are loved.


  1. Wait, you're going to Allume? So am I!! I must see you!

  2. This is so encouraging! Thanks Tobi! And thanks for being like a second mom to me for a few years in Minot while Emily and I were like inseparable sisters :). It meant a lot.

    1. Sweet Angela! I am so glad to see your smiling face! You were a defining friendship in Emily's life and the sweetest of spirits to grace our home. I only wish we had had more years of watching you two girls enjoy one another. Thanks for visiting me here, and I hope to learn more about your life. Blessings today.


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