Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I'm listening to "Charlie Brown's Christmas Time" being worked out on the piano in the room next to the classroom. It's almost there, actually. Sam almost has it down. That and Charlie Brown's Theme. I should be making dinner, but tonight's a quick fix. I should be typing some final drafts for the boys - I think this summer I'll try to fit in a typing class for them. I should be writing the first edition of the squadron newsletter we're starting. I should be grading papers. Lot's of should's, but instead I'm taking a moment to savor the contentment of my life.

*Joanne Heims woke up. http://thesimplewife.typepad.com/ I did not know her until I received the prayer request for her and her family following her stroke. She and her lovelies have not been far from my thoughts and prayers since. I find I'm treasuring the moments with my boys and with my husband more, in an awareness that life is meant just for that - treasuring each moment. Toben and girls, friends and family that really share life with Joanne - I'm so happy she woke up. I'm rejoicing with you and savoring the moments in part because of your story.

*My kids are healthy, raised in a home with two parents that love each other deeply, and filled with the hope and promises that enough food, warm beds, parents willing to hold loosely to the methods that bring success, tightly to the principles that guide them and ultimately a life centered in Christ will bring.

*Savoring the beauty in bringing joy to my dog by stopping a few moments to rub him, to scratch his ears, to chase him and wrestle with him, to acknowledge his faithfulness and loyalty even when there are days he receives the left-overs of the left-overs. To be loved with such simplicity - what a gift God has given to experience the love of an animal.

Well, my best friend is home, and there are papers to write, papers to grade, and a quick fix supper to put together. But I'm going to stay in a savor-ing frame of mind.

"You open your hand and satisfy the desires of every living thing." Psalm 145:16

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