Friday, February 11, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Things...wait, I mean "blog wants!"

I would love to spend an afternoon with someone who knows how to set things up on my blog that are probably quite simple but tend to suck my afternoon into a black hole when I try to teach myself.

I would love to put background music on this blog - but at the end of this teaching day the numerous ways I've posed the question to the blogger help forum have just resulted in attempts and failures and now my brain hurts! (smile) For now I'll just continue turning my iTunes on in the background for effect when I proof-read my blog.

I want to put a gadget, or is it widget? or can I please revert to adolescent language from my early-eighties Texas days and say doo-hickie? that connects with Compassion International.

While I'm at it, HOW does the rest of the world post pictures to their blog? Every time I attempt it the rainbow wheel turns and turns in a kaliedescope of colors. I really don't know how long it would turn because it appears I'm not as patient as I used to be. Wait, I'm not sure I ever was regarding technology. Just give me a pen!

Maybe if I had an afternoon with someone who actually knows what they're doing I wouldn't rearrange the furniture on my blog so frequently. Yep, I'm bored with the templates and want to decorate the "walls" the way I do in a new house we've moved to.

So, Favored One, please forgive the frequent color changes, and walk carefully so you don't bump your toe on gadgets in new places, and let me know if you miss the birds flying across the sky from the last few weeks. I'll try to find the former doo-hickies and change it back! (smile)

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  1. I often wonder the same things- but try to ignore them b/c it would suck my day away too.
    I doubt this will lend any comfort b/c you like to decorate but, tonight was the first time I actually looked at your blog-- I do read it every time you post, just not at your blog.
    I subscribe to you via Google Reader so I read the post in plain black and white - your pictures would show up but the rest of the decoration, I would miss out on.
    So, when you get it the way you like it, post that, so I can remember to come 'check it out.'
    Love you!


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