Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Linking up with the Gratitude Community

I still can't figure out how to add the One Thousand Gifts button to my blog.  I am counting on the gift that grace abounds until I do.  I want to be part of the voice that speaks thanks together.  I'll keep searching out the "how" of button sewing to a blog.

Love to you, Favored One.


  1. Hopefully this will help...

    1. Go to your "dashboard" in Blogger.

    2. Click "design".

    3. Go to where you want the button on your blog and click "add a gadget".

    4. Scroll down through the list and select "HTML/JavaScript"

    5. Paste the internet coding that you copied from this website.

  2. Thank You, Cherub Mamma! Only took a few tries...should have asked a long time ago and saved moments for better things! Blessings!

  3. If we were still in a certain mountainous region together I would totally crash your house with a plate of chocolate and my Mac for a full day! Once I learn it, it's done, but trying to find time in a day to learn a foreign language (and I much prefer German to computer) is challenging. Love ya!

  4. It would be wonderful to get together for a day! I could use some female fellowship in a bad way. I'm glad I was able to help you out though - despite our proximity to each other.


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