Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Lovelies

Just because ...
They are my life and I talk about them all the time...

 My Man and the First Born Son ~ he's on his way out into the world and this Mama might be having a bit of hard time letting him go.
 Thomas and Emily ~ two grown up and into the world.  How can this be, when they played and giggled their way through the day just yesterday?
 A Father and Daughter ~ deep and quiet waters in the both of them, the stable strength of his spirit running her veins.
Benjamin and Samuel ~ one who claims to be God's right hand man, the other who imitates the boldness  of the prophet who went before.  And the two who practice daily the growing and stretching and putting off of self that struggles its way between brothers.  A fighting love.

And me, a mama in the center of them all, surrounded with the laughter,
             the pain,
                         the courage,
                                           the fear,
                                                       the strength,
                                                                         the patience,
                                                                                            the hope,
                                                                                                          the all of us always growing,
The Eucharisteo Joy!
Broken bread, poured out wine ~ how to do anything but rejoice even as our family is broken and poured out.  Isn't this what we will do, we the followers of the One who is Eucharisto.  This life, learning to live and see the joy through our family's victories and failures, individual and a whole.  Today's thanks:

#82 I am a wife
#83 I am a mother to a daughter
#84 I am a mother to three sons
#85 We are learning to rejoice for each other in all things
#86 The sun is shining again today

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