Monday, October 31, 2011

Walk Wisely

He who walks with the wise grows wise, but a companion of fools suffers harm.  Proverbs 13:20

I just blogged my way through a post on LOVE and Corrie ten Boom ~ (and can I say how every part of me thrills to the idea of sitting at the table as a family after breakfast and before bed, simply reading from God's word?  This one I've tried to implement but regrettably it hasn't had as much sticking power as whatever is typically found beneath Sam's placemat...good on you if you guessed chocolate of some sort.  Why God chose to roll wife, mom, spiritual hermit, encourager, extrovert, rule-follower-and-happy-that-way, all into this one person called "ME" I don't know?  I digress.)

I crafted that post ~ and indeed that's what the post was this time, a crafting of it ... because typically everything that pours forth is a blessing, one that God is speaking to me and I read and return to, often with tears and a "yea, that's so good God.  I really needed to hear that" mentality.
That post ~ it just was not satisfying.  I guess because what I really wanted needed to say has not poured forth very easily this time.  And I suspect that is because what ever is roiling around inside me is a confession...and public confessions are a bit daunting.

I am drawn to people who like me.  Ta-Da!

Oh, I know, no-brainer there because we all are.  But I've been so challenged in this season of life, to have walked with the Lord for several years in the protective confines of authentic, growing Christian friendships, and suddenly find those relationships thousands of miles away and no one really filling the vacuum here.  Challenged to discover that on my own, in my people-magnet appeal, words sometimes slip from my mouth that I was not aware were even in my heart.  Or, confident words of love, received well or not, don't pass my lips at all ~ lips pressed tightly closed.

How do you determine who will be in your circle of influence?
How do you determine who will be in your circle of concern?
How do you walk with others who aren't walking in the same direction?

Today the boys and I discussed genuine friendship.  We tend to wrestle through determining if things are "wrong" when really what needs to be asked is, "Is this the wise thing for me to do?"

Oh well, it comes back to something simple.   For me, the wise thing has to always line up with the character of God and His will.

Be very careful, then, how you live - not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil.  Therefore do not be foolish, but understand what the Lord's will is. Ephesians 5:15-17

Ken says I'm a seed spreader.  And that I don't need to mourn so much when my skirt gathers up burrs as I move through the field.  It's good to be loved.  But more than that, it's good to be LOVED.
Favored One, walk with the wise today and make the most of every opportunity.

...still counting gratitude...

549.  Wisdom, to recognize a season of vulnerability
550.  Experience, to rely on keeping me pure in the presence of my dearest friends
551.  Knowledge, to know that my secure acceptance in found only Jesus Christ
552.  Confession, to bend the knee and to turn back to living in the Will of God
553.  Joy, to return to real joy


  1. Visiting from Ann's today and so glad I found your blog. I love reading posts that speak of the lives of other women through the lens of scripture. Thank you for sharing here...

  2. Thank you, for taking the time to read my words. I'm a bit hungry for community! (smile) Very glad to be part of the Gratitude one.

  3. Hi Tobi, Its Lisa Freeman from Texas. You know me from Mont Belvieu and your mom. I have been in those same places. God does not even have to move me across the globe. But I do know what you are talking about. My husband Ken and I live in League City near NASA. We started going to a church in 2000 that was huge in Clear Lake. Ken was connected with the band. I just could not get connected. I was the caretaker of a sick mom. I cried almost every Sunday morning. I had faith, but I did not have that group of people I thought I needed. Life has changed. My mother past away in 05 and in 06 we joined a group of people in a start up church. At this church I am different from the old days. In my home based Bible Study we were studying Paul. Why did Paul leave for Arabia after his Conversion? It came to me...Just like Jesus, Paul had to be alone with God. He needed to hear from God. He did not need to hear from man. So many times we pray to God only to turn around and talk to a friend for advise. When we are in the desert, we hear Gods voice. No one else is around to cloud up his voice. Lean on God Listen to God. I now focus myself on listening to God. I have several ways of doing it. But it is my focus now to not rely on the group of friends for support. Although it is hard, for I now have that group that is very supportive of me. God Bless you Tobi

  4. Thanks, Lisa. I have found through the years that Desert time often is the sweetest. Our family definitely is reaping the reward of stillness with God right now. But like Paul in his journeys, it's good to have a Barnabas or Silas with you on the road, too. As iron sharpens iron ~ sometimes clarity of God's voice is best heard through the discernment and encouragement of others. Thanks for offering that! Blessings!


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