Saturday, July 21, 2012


Hi Favored One,

This final Germany morning snapshot, pointing at the 5:00 AM sunrise across the busy street from our hotel four weeks ago,

waiting for the shuttle to load bags, boys and the dog crate for our trip to the airport and the beginning of coming home,

this sky looks like a lake of fire spread beneath the Cross.

In these days melted into weeks it has felt like fire at times.  

Temperatures in the 100's and tempers flaming high when the conditions are just right,
tender stacked on tender,
the dross packed neatly for our journey instead of thrown in the trash to be burned in designated spots.

Yes, there is nothing quite like living out of suitcases for a few months together to illuminate the garbage we have left to purge.

I have a few weeks left before we're settled,
living between my sister's house and my parents,
boys playing with cousins in the pool and me,
trying to remember this doesn't have to be a waiting period between living.  I'm so grateful.

He painted it across the sky for me,
painted it with the light of the dawning of the new day,
these days of coming home would have fire in them

I have snatched with hands to hold the fire, 
forgetting that fear only burns, 
and let the flames lick from my tongue,
those closest I have spurned.
Holy fire cannot be held,
it is not mine to wield.
It burns within my bones,
He alone will purify,
today again, I yield.

Consume me, Lord.

And now you, Favored One, have been welcomed to the party!  My poor kiddos are looking forward to me having order restored and opportunities for me to have some silence and solitude daily.  Mama and no margin isn't the best combination.  Or maybe it's just peri-menopause that looks like fire on the horizon!  No matter ~ the Cross is above it all.

Light dawns for the righteous, and joy for the upright in heart.  Psalm 97:11

"Living under God's rule enables us not only to complete his will, but to fulfill our own.  We find wholeness in becoming what we were intended in creation.  The wholeness feels good: we know joy, and therefore rejoice."  Eugene Peterson

I have neglected my gratitude journal these last few weeks.  In these days of to-do lists, it's time I resume numbering the most important list.  Back to counting grace.  This space, and your friendship, listed among the many favors He pours out on me.  Blessings, Favored One, until we talk again.

1538.  You call me to things that aren't comfortable
1539.  You push me beyond the silence
1540.  You are always enough



  1. Lovely. Great thoughts and I love the photo too. Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Thanks, Debi. Sorry I didn't surface earlier to respond to your comment. Your words are always an encouragement!

  2. Tobi, so good to read your post! glad you are back at it! August is just around the corner and you will be in your new space! N

    1. Thanks, Nancy! Sorry I've been missing in action longer than I had hoped! I love your encouraging words!


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